Ring Rosebud

I have always admired the Ring Stud (Belgium), but after my start in the summer of 2012 it took me nearly two years to visit Walter and Kurt van Kerschaever and Wendy Andries.. Way too long for seeing such quality animals, just 1,5 hour driving from my house. Such warm and friendly people with a great eye for a true Welsh Cob. I enjoyed the visit so much, and I would recommend it to anyone! The ponies were groomed and trimmed, just for me! Kurt showed every one of them, amazing! Each of them was gorgeous, but my favorite was the massive chestnut mare called Ring Rosebud. She was heavily in foal to Cascob Jack Flash and she was absolutely stunning and what a show she gave.. Tail up, eyes full of power, nostrils wide open and action! People who loves the breed know the feeling. Kurt told me she was for sale after the upcoming Royal Welsh. I was ‘brave’ enough to ask for their asking price, but unfortunately she was way above my budget, but absolutely worth every single penny! A few months later Walter and I went to the October Autumn Cob Sales and he gave me a message from Kurt: ‘If I still was interested in Rosebud we could figure something out..’ I was soooo happy! A few months later I was the incredibly proud owner of in my opinion one of the best Welsh Cob mares ever bred at the continent. Kurt even brought her to me! I will never forgot how generous the people behind the successful Ring Stud are and in the past couple of years they became some of my dearest friends.

Ring Rosebud is by the 8 years on row Sire Rating Winner ánd 2002 Prince of Wales Cup Winner Gwynfaes Culhwch and out of the one and only 2009 Reserve Prince of Wales Cup Winner Ring Danielle (Nebo Daniel). Just imagine that before Danielle had won the Reserve Cup, the Cup or the Reverve Cup never been won by an Welsh Cob bred outside the United Kingdom! Rosebud herself was also an absolute star in the show ring, from a second place at the International Show in 2011 to a 5th place in the barren mare class at the Royal Welsh in 2012 and many more overall championships here at the continent!


4 June 2014        –     Ring Hooch   –    Bay colt by Cascob Jack Flash.


16 March 2016   –     Alura Zaïra     –    Palomino filly by Taraco Fiasco.