Taraco Fiasco

Danaway Flash Jack x Danaway Cherimarie

The first time I saw Fiasco was in 2012, when I was searching for a mare to breed with. I was there with my boyfriend – who absolutely don’t like horses – and he said to me: ‘If I will ever have a horse, this is the one..’. Hearing this out of his mouth was very special for me. Although I had never thought Fiasco would ever be ours.

In the beginning of 2014 I was looking for my own stud stallion to cover my mares with. Fiasco was advertised for sale at that moment and I asked Tara what for price she had in mind for this magnificent animal. It was clearly above my budget. So I looked further. I really love buckskins, so I preferred a stallion in this color. But not a random buckskin, I wanted a stallion with the right pedigree and quality. A few weeks later Tara contacted me that she reduced the price for Fiasco.. He was in my budget now! A few weeks after that he walked from the lorry and it felt like I was 5 years again in the toy or candy store..! He was and is so beautiful. Thank you Tara for this opportunity!

Taraco Fiasco is by the late Danaway Flash Jack and out of the lovely Tireinon Triple Crown mare Danaway Cherimarie. Fiasco himself did a great job in the show ring, from first yearling section D and Reserve Male Champion at The Royal Agricultural Show of England in 2006 to Supreme Champion and Bronze Medal winner at the NPCA Summer Show in 2013!


2011 – Taraco Daioni and Saulire Bounty Hunter.


2012 – Taraco Callista.


2013 – Taraco Dakota and Taraco Cleopatra.


2014 – Taraco Carina.


2015 – Heavenlysmile’s Sion, the late Alura Brunotti and Alura Georgia.


2016 – Alura Zaïra , Zest Sweet Honey , Alura Ayla , Alura Luna and Fair Diamond.