My pride and joy, Alura Zaïra.

Love photos of suckling foals, in the photo you see Alura Ayla and Danaway Painted Lady.

Alura Ayla’s first time outside!

The main man himself, Taraco Fiasco.

Racehorse Alura Miss Nina, I love this   naughty filly!

My fairytale pony…

Alura Miss Nina and Taraco Fanfare!

Last photo of Walty and me, love this little boy.. Doesn’t he look like his dam here on the left?!

Ynyslyns Caramac, he will be for sale very   soon!

Nebo Josie Jones, in the sunshine. She is sold to Elke and her family.

One of my favorite photos: Taraco Fanfare in a motherly moment with Alura Mister Walty.

Baby Walt..!

Alura Queen Bee aka Bubba in a field of dandelions.

My first ever foal at the milkbar..

For me this is a very special photo. It captured Nebo Josie Jones and her fresh born filly foal Alura Georgia. Georgia is approx 2 hours old in the photo and for the first time outside. It was around 06.00 AM and the sun came up. With the trees, the sun and the amazing bond between mother and daughter it was an extraordinary moment!

Alura Mister Walty, just love this photo of his head!

2 months old Walty Boy.

Rhiannon Eleri, now sold to Cordula in Germany.

This is also one of my favorite photos, my elegant Danaway Painted Lady in a field of dandelions.

Grass enough!

My first ever pony, Magnum, under saddle!

Rhiannon Eleri in training with Lilian, now sold to Cordula in Germany.

The Welsh Cob herd with some lovely black and white cows in the background.

Beauty Alura Georgia, now sold to Melanie in Germany. Wish you all the luck with this gorgeous filly.

Not a Welsh Cob, but just as pretty!

Weanlings! Alura Queen Bee is now sold to Petra and Bruno in Belgium, were she is living the good life with two other Welsh Cobs.

A lovely sunrising with my beautiful Cobs.

Blacky in full speed, she is now sold to Ruth in Germany.

Beautiful sky at the field!

Lady heavily in foal.. The clouds were very dark and the sun was shining.

The amazing and talented Magnum. He is sold to a wonderful home in Germany with Nora and her family!

Taraco Fiasco back again under saddle..